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TODOS Technologies develops and manufactures advanced thermal sensing systems.

The sensor as a component is based on a unique and innovative CMOS-SOI. 

MEMS technology and is manufactured at STMicroelectronics: 

We offer a wide range of products and custom systems covering a wide range of applications.
The company will support in the areas of designing a complete custom sensing system. 
We will design, manufacture, and test the system and will custom tailor it for each use case's specific scenario/application for indoor and outdoor use. 

Our technology has the following benefits resulting in higher performance compared to commercial thermal sensors:

  1. Higher temperature sensitivity

  2. Lower power

  3. Low-cost

  4. Stable and reproducible  sensors with no drift

  5. High immunity to false alarms.


The world is in need of data - we, at TODOS Technologies, offer new sensing systems based on

ST’s qualified sensors.

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