Who is TODOS Technologies?


  • TODOS Technologies is a products and IP company in the Sensors CMOS Integrated Circuits domain, active since 2012.

  • The TODOS products are based on proprietary, patented, Micro-electronics devices that deliver unprecedented performance and cost.


Markets and Applications


  • Mobile /Wearables sensors for IR, Terahertz and Gas sensors for consumer electronics.

  • These applications are expected to expand dramatically in the coming years due to the proliferation of IoT and the various Smart City, Smart Automotive and Smart Home proliferations as well as new capabilities of Smart-phones and mobile devices.

  • Market size for each product is multi- billion $


TODOS unique technology


  • The sensors are manufactured on Standard CMOS-SOI process with standard MEMS process.

  • The device is a micro-machined Thermal sensor that attains sensitivity that is 10X better than current products, operates on 10X less power and will cost about 10X less than existing products. Hence, the TODOS products are expected to penetrate the relevant markets based on the superior performance and cost.


TODOS Proof of Concept


  • The TODOS devices have been produced and characterized at 2 global manufacturers. The first products (gas sensors based on TODOS patented GMOS sensors; IR sensors based on TODOS patented TMOS sensors) are being implemented and optimized for a wide range of applications.

  • Strategic Collaboration with these two Global Manufacturers is based on non-exclusive IP agreements/royalties


TODOS Technologies management team and directors


  • CEO: Yossi Levi

  • Chief Scientist: Prof. Yael Nemirovsky

  • Directors: Shmulik Melman (main shareholder); Prof. Yael Nemirovsky, Dr. Reuven Regev, Yossi Levi.