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Todos Technologies develops special Infra-Red sensors that are used as sensors for Gas sensing (GMOS), Thermal sensing (TMOS), and more.

Todos’ achievements and activities can be divided into two main divisions:

  • Digital TMOS - sensors are fabricated at STM

  • Digital GMOS - sensors are based on wafers manufactured at XFAB.


Our mission is to bring new technologies to the market to solve critical issues and help create a better, safer, and cleaner world.



Todos Technologies is driven by a team with a diverse background committed to the mission of delivering new sensing systems to the world. Todos' team of highly skilled professionals in the field of sensing systems and semiconductors is supported by a strategic committee that includes academics and researchers. Todos’ highly industry-specific technical expertise, with experts in sensing systems, semiconductors, microsystems, electro-optics, solid state physics and technology, nanoelectronics, chip design, and analog design.

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