See the unseen while on routine perimeter patrol, securing a facility, or identifying potential threats in dark or badly lit areas. It's easier to control and secure a perimeter, by obtaining clear images of people, animals, or vehicles at the scene. 

The non-contact temperature sensor measures the surface temperature of an object. By mounting the signal processing circuit closely to the sensor chip, a low noise temperature measurement is realized.

The module can also be used for detecting the presence of human beings. TODOS’s non-contact temperature sensor can solve the shortcomings of a conventional pyroelectric sensor, which cannot catch the signal of a stationary person because the sensor detects the change of signal. Moreover, TODOS’s non-contact temperature sensor keeps detecting the far-infrared ray of an object, while the pyroelectric models do not.

Law Enforcement 

Improve situational awareness and enhance safety while on patrol, responding to distress calls, exiting patrol vehicles, and entering buildings. Identify perpetrators trying to avoid detection or fleeing the scene. 

Search and rescue

Locate injured or unconscious people on land or in water, in any weather or environmental conditions such as fog or smoke. Detect signs of life even in thick foliage or wooded areas, day or night.